Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Has anyone lost a Jeep Grand Cherokee? I know where it is

A very expensive car has been parked across a stop street close to my house, apparently abandoned, for three weeks. It's been reported to the Metro cops, the Rosebank Police, and our local security company several times, and yet no one has stepped forward to claim it. Heck, I've even phoned the Inanda Club, because it has a club sticker on the windscreen. To no avail.

I guess that in most cities in the world, one wouldn't raise an eyebrow at the sight of a car worth hundreds of thousands of rands sitting locked, dusty and covered in leaves and bird poo. But this is Johannesburg, where anything can happen. What are the possibilities? Each one of the three explanations listed below opens up further possibilities, but, for now:

a. The owner of the car ran out of petrol, or broke down, which would explain why the car is parked in such a peculiar place - ie, with its front wheels virtually in line with the stop sign. But, if so, why hasn't the owner come to retrieve it?

b. The car is a stolen car. This seems likely to me, although I was told by our local security company that it hasn't been listed as stolen.

c. The owner of the car has so many cars that he or she doesn't mind leaving it mouldering away in a side street for a couple months, for whatever reason.

d. Something sinister has happened to the owner of this car.

Anyway, if you know anyone who owns this vehicle - a beige Jeep Grand Cherokee, with an expired [2005] license disk, an Inanda Club sticker on the windscreen, a pair of jumper leads inside the car, and a Gauteng licence plate beginning with JPS, let me know by posting a comment below.

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Netsrac said...

Wash it and put it on Craigslist. That way, your powers of observation will translate into some commercial benefit. Plus, the buyer will take it away, and the object of your intrigue will be gone :)