Thursday, 14 August 2008

Funny-Galore: win R20 000 for your funky T-shirt design

I am a devoted fan of quirky SA retailers Big Blue, not least because of their continued efforts to put local designers on the map. If you'd like to see your T-shirt design in Big Blue and Kitsch & Kool stores, and win a fat twenty thousand ront on top of that, read on.

Hot off the press release:

Makhulu Polane (loosely translated means Big Idea) was started by Big Blue in 2006 in an effort to discover and support South African design talent. The annual Makhulu Polane t-shirt design competition has become a firm favourite on the annual SA design calendar and attracts entries from aspiring and professional graphic, illustration and fashion designers.

The 2008 Big Blue Makhulu Polane opens for entries on 18 August, closing date for submissions is 1 September 2008. This year’s design theme is ‘Funny-Galore’ - the funniest, smartest, coolest design will win R20 000 in cash and will be sold in all Big Blue and Kitsch & Kool stores nationwide for two months.

Since its inception in 2006 this original Big Blue idea has become a great success; this award winning online marketing initiative is unique in that it reached both online and offline audiences and translated into real in-store sales. Winning designs from 2006 and 2007 sold out and were reprinted several times and a number of the top 10 2007 Makhulu Polane designs are still being printed and sold.

Take a look at some of last year's winning designs, including this stunning vision of Mandela.

The competition is not limited to submissions from registered students or designers but is open to anyone who feels they have a unique t-shirt design. Designs do not need to be digitally created; hand drawn illustrations can be scanned and uploaded.

The award winning Makhulu Polane campaign is an original, award-winning annual event that encourages and celebrates South African design.

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Check out the Big Blue website for competition details and guidelines on how to submit your design.

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settledowndude said...

Hey Juno Thanks for spreading the news. Insider info, last year the theme was "Afrokaaners" , and the best Design DIDN"T win, as it had nothing to do with the theme, unfortunately. It has however sold loads, so it should get a special mention.
"I are wearing a jean pant" presently sold out !

Juno said...

What do you mean the best design didn't win? Huh? Are you saying that there was a better design, but because it had nothing to do with the theme, it didn't win? So, if it needs a special mention, which one was it? I are wearing a jean pant?

Juno said...

And, er, duh, you have just outed yourself as one of the two brains behind Big Blue.

settledowndude said...

I may have outed myself as behind Big Blue, But not as a "brain behind" That would be a stretch.I cant ebven spell
Ja it was "I are wearing" It was the comemrcial success, but not a great graphic design, so the panel of judges (me har har) had to go with the best graphic/on theme/all that. However the theme this year is wider and more open to a range of graphic as well as copy styles, so we will see. Last year 220 submissions, so hoping for more. Thanks for the punt, wasnt the intention, but glad for it. There is soo much talent out in SA it gives you a warm gevoel in .....

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