Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Some more 30 Seconds crackers

Probably because it’s cold and inhospitable outdoors, and swimming and other summertime pursuits are temporarily excluded from our entertainment list, we’ve got back into playing 30 Seconds. We don’t make time for it (if you will excuse that excruciating pun): we leave the box where it can be seen, and when there are a few of us about, we sit down for a rousing game.

This evening’s short, sharp session was with three teenagers (my daughter I and her divinely decadent friend E, and my son D; my friend Johann – who, you will by now have noticed has no anonymity on this blog; and myself.)

Here are some of the sillier offerings (several of them my own):

Question: ‘Harry’s title?
Answer: ‘Potter!’
(Real answer: Prince)

Question: ‘A holiday for a parent?’
Guess: ‘For a father?’
Response: ‘Yes!’
Guess: ‘Father’s Day?’
Response: ‘No, the other one!’
Answer: ‘Father’s Night?’
(Real answer: Mothers’ Day.)

Question: ‘Famous American road that’s celebrated in song?’
Guess: ‘Route 67?’
Response: ‘No, one less!’
Answer: ‘Route 65?’
(Real answer: Route 66.)

Question: ‘Movie about two dogs?’
Response:101 Dalmations!’
(Real answer: Lady and the Tramp.)

Question: ‘A country in South America?’
Guess: ‘Brazil?’
Response: ‘No, a country in Central America!’
Guess: ‘Um… Panama?’
Response: ‘No, a city in Central America?’
Answer: ‘Mexico!’
(Which was, amazingly, right, and in time. The questioner was pelted with orange peels.)

Question: ‘A flying rodent…?’
Guess. ‘Bat?’
Response: ‘Yes! And add to it a young woman…?
Answer: ‘Bat-teenager!
(Real answer: Batgirl.)

Question: That delicious boy who presented SA Idols?
Answer: ‘Colin Moss!’
(Real answer: ‘Um, no, sorry, Colin Farrell. Who’s he again?’)

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Audrey said...

divine memories! :-)

oh the fun.

Note to self: Must haul out that old box and those old hibernating chinas. will do it this weekend.

Chandré said...

i have to say i completely get this post :) :) my funniest one was someone who said " A chinese newspaper" and we're all racking our brains and wondering how does he know chinese newspapers...the answer? - the koran :)

we have another killer game called Mafia...which is more an arguing game that has now surpassed 30seconds...will tell u more if u interested

Muriel said...

Hi Chandre - yes, please do tell me more about Mafia. I was in the UK over the festive season and played a game called Outburst with some people there - also good fun and plenty of arguing.