Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How to frustrate a scissor thief

During my recent cleaning blitz, I unearthed six or seven pairs of scissors, which I hid in various cunning places around the house. Today, when I needed to cut something, every single pair had vanished (along with the stapler, the punch, the sticky tape, various screwdrivers, and so on). If you have a home office and children, you will appreciate just how maddening this can be.

('It wasn't me, I swear'.) So I have come up with the final solution (see my kitchen wall, left).

Any bets on how long the scissors will stay there? My kids don't own bolt cutters, so if this pair disappears, I can ony assume that they are entirely innocent - and that there's a nest of murderous Borrowers living behind the skirting boards.

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1 comment:

meggie said...

Oh Neat solution! My kids would have found a way round that, I am sure.