Wednesday, 6 February 2008

How many blogs do you read in a day?

The blogosphere exhausts me. No, not because it's depressingly full of crap (crap I can deal with) but because there many very good, even brilliant, blogs out there (and this is only South African blogs).

I'd so like to visit each of of these hens' teeth a couple of times a week, flick through the latest posts, and leave a pithy comment or two. But who (apart from Steve Hofmeyr) has the time to spend the whole day blogging? I'm lucky, because I'm a freelancer, so no one gives a tinker's cuss about how I spend my time, but even so I can't justify spending more than 30 minutes of a working day checking out my favourite blogs. And because I have rather a lot of favourites, I can't really do justice to them. A quick scan of the latest post and I gallop on to the next one, hardly ever lingering to leave a comment. (Posting on my own blogs is usually done after hours, and even then rather intermittently.)

This got me thinking: how much time does the average South African blog-reader, let's call them Jason and Tiffany, spend checking out their faves every day? Ten minutes? Twenty? Longer? How many blogs do they visit a day? And if Jace and Tiff are blogging at work, how do they get away with such time-wastery?

How do they find the time to post such long-winded comments? Reading some of the slow, smelly deflations left by readers on, say,, Steve Hofmeyrs' blog and Thought Leader, makes me wonder how anyone gets any work done at all.

And another thought: does blogging cut into Jace and Tiff's magazine- and book-reading time? Not to mention their TV time?

Just wondering.

Here are the South African blogs I try to look in at every day:

Thought Leader - usually infuriating, often funny, but always thought-provoking. A wonderful platform for some of SA's best (and, ye Gods, worst) columnists. I particularly enjoy reading Charlene Smith, Llewellyn Kriel, Ndumiso Ngcobo, Tony Lankester, Arthur Goldstuck and Ferial Haffajee.

The South African Insult - can't do without my daily fix of invective. Sarah Britten's other blog, A Little Britten, is not to be missed, as are those of many of her colleagues on....

The Times PlanetBlog David Bullard, Hogarth, Fred Khumalo - the usual Sunday Times suspects, and more.

So Close Tertia Albertyn's wildly popular site is a South African (nay, a WORLD) blogging phenomenon, and well worth a read even if you're not interested in toddlers, parenting or infertility. Expect biting wit, brutal honesty and a brain like a planet. Oh, and about 500 000 devoted fans, all of whom want to share their potty-training tips with you.

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tonypark said...

Well, there has just been a frenzy of blogging going on here, lately, hasn't there?

I've just spent a pleasant half an hour bringing myself up to date, which, believe me, was far more enjoyable than wading through the copy edits on my latest book.

Audrey said...

It definitely cuts into book-reading time. I’ve become strictly selective and only read the ones I absolutely can’t bear to part with; there are about a dozen including Salmagundi. It takes more than 30 minutes…

So Close… what can I say? I feel I should say something but I’m terrified. They’ll find me, those harpies, and they’ll rip my throat out. I’m not going to say anything.

Tony I've never read your blog! I'll do that now.

Harvey said...

Nice post and a good question! The long winded blogger comments lead to long winded responses. Just to let you know Steve doesn't blog the entire day. Often ee writes somewhere between 0h00 to 03h00 after a full day of interviews, travelling, touring, or when his gig has finally come to an end for the night and he returns home.

I think that most (but not all) of the bloggers on SSSB don't read much print anyway, and those that have just discovered SSSB and are recent commentators are seeking some form of recognition. Largely, the comments come from office workers stealing time from their employers.

Does anyone know of a good comment restriction plugin? One that forces 100 words or less every 15 minutes or more? Regards H

Juno said...

Hi Harvey

Thank you for the interesting comment. In spite of my sarky comments about Steve's blog, I take my hat off to him - I dream of getting such a huge amount of traffic and comments on Salmagundi! Rgds Juno

Anonymous said...

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