Friday, 1 February 2008

Common ancestry: all blue-eyed people are related

As a blue-eyed mutant, I was fascinated to hear, on John Robbie's show this morning, that scientists have discovered that all blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor. According to Science Daily, a team at the University of Copenhagen have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today. Before that, everyone's eyes were brown or green. Isn't that astonishing? I'm descended from a freak of nature! Even more incredible is that I have all these new relatives: Vanessa Williams, Paul Newman, Cameron Diaz, Frank Sinatra, Hugh Grant, Gabriel Byrne, Daniel Craig,Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, to mention but a few. Here are more of my blue-eyed relatives. Cuzzins!!!

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meggie said...

I must be in that soup with you! I dont think genetics is an exact schience yet. I understood a brown eyed parent & a blue eyed would never produce a blue eyed. Crap! I have several cousins as testament to the bollicks of that theory. Who knows.
I await further bulletins.

Juno said...

According to an article on Science Daily (
research shows that

'The laws of genetics state that eye color is inherited as follows:

1. If both parents have blue eyes, the children will have blue eyes.
2. If both parents have brown eyes, a quarter of the children will have blue eyes, and three quarters will have brown eyes.
3. The brown eye form of the eye color gene (or allele) is dominant, whereas the blue eye allele is recessive.

It then follows that if a child born to two blue-eyed parents does not have blue eyes, then the blue-eyed father is not the biological father.'

MARKFACE said...

Sounds a little far fetched to me, my son has blue eyes, so must be related to the original blue eyed mutant, he is my son and I am related to him. So I therefore must be related to the original blue eyed mutant and from there it would appear that we are all related......

Anonymous said...

is there a possibiliy that a mutation to blue eyes occured more than once in the history? then the abovepictured people wouldnt be that close relatives.

Anonymous said...

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