Monday, 14 January 2008

Wabbing*: a cracking start to the working year

So it was back to work today, after almost a month of lolling about. I was up at 7am, and fully intended to be at my computer, checking emails and doing efficient and productive work-type things, by 8.

But during my ablutions, when I opened the under-sink cabinet to take out a new tube of toothpaste, I noticed that the medicine section was in a hell of a state, so I sat down and sorted it out. (Oldest out-of-date medicine: cough syrup with expiry of 12/2003; number of out-of-date medicines thrown away: 15; number of prescription medicines in plastic containers that I don’t have a clue what they’re for: 7; number of half-full boxes of headache tablets: 5; number of loose Band-Aids: well over 100.)

That done, I was just about to go and fire up my computer when I looked out into the garden and noticed that the pool was … well, clear, okay, but it needed backwashing, I’m sure. So I did that, then I used the skimmer to take all the leaves off the surface, then I tested the pH levels and realised that the water was too acidic, so I went up to the store and bought some soda ash, and came back and dosed the pool. Then I topped it up a bit.

While the hose was on anyway, I watered the verandah plants. One was looking a bit poorly, so I transferred it into a bigger pot.

On my way to the study, I looked out the window and noticed that my car was simply filthy. So I backed it into the yard, filled a bucket with water, and gave it a good going-over. Then I rinsed it and dried it.

Then I thought what a shame it was that the outside of the car was so sparkly while the inside was still grimy, so I fetched the vacuum cleaner and carefully removed every visible dog hair and grain of dust. Then I polished the interior windows and the dashboard.

On my way back inside to my computer I noticed the dog’s bedding, which looked appallingly dirty, so I put it in the washing machine. Then I took the dog’s basket outside and turned it upside-down and gave it a good bashing.

By then it was lunchtime, so I made myself a cheese sarmie and a cup of tea and had them while I read the newspaper. I did the crossword (successfully) and the sudoku (not, stupid thing – the sudoku, not me, obviously).

When I got into my study after lunch one of my cats was asleep on my chair. I noticed that the eczema that has been plaguing him for the last few weeks was looking particularly bad, so I searched for the cat basket (found it, finally, in the outside shed, under an old mattress), and then I searched for the cat. (My cats know instinctively when I’m going to do something nasty to them, like Frontline them or forcefeed them deworming pills or take them to the vet, and they run for the hills.)

The cat located in a tall tree on the neighbour’s side, and eventually captured, I drove to the vet, where he was examined and fitted with a Flying Nun collar and dabbed with unguents and given some pills, and I was relieved of so much money that I let out a small scream.

When I got home I remembered that I’d long intended to sort out the Tupperware cupboard in the kitchen – and what better time than the present? (Number of Tupperware bases: 8; number of Tupperware lids: 13; number of Tupperware bases and lids that matched: 0.)

I went into my study again, where I was enormously embarrassed by the number of wine bottles waiting to be taken to recycling (I hide these, as one does, in my study, so the excessive drinking habits of myself and my friends aren’t immediately obvious to any stranger who steps into my house). I sorted them into 2 large boxes and 7 plastic bags, transferred them to my car boot, and drove them up to the recycling depot.

On the way home I popped in to the hardware store to pay my account. I also spent a while looking at drip-free paints, as I’d like to paint my kitchen cupboards some time.

Then I looked at my watch and realised it was 5pm, and anyone I wanted or needed to communicate with in the business world had gone home anyway, so I poured myself a well-earned end-of-the-working-day whisky, which I sipped sitting outside on the verandah, watching the cat in the Flying Nun collar amusingly trying to stalk a pigeon.

I will, genuinely, begin work tomorrow. Straight after I’ve painted those kitchen cupboards.

* Wab: Working Avoidance Behaviour

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Juno said...

Oh Mur, I understand. I'm starting work on Wednesday (when the kids go back to school) and I am already making mental lists about all the cupboards that need to be sorted before I can get started. I hadn't thought about the pool or the medicine cupboard, though - thanks for the reminders.

meggie said...

I love this post!
Just look at all you achieved by avoiding work! Hell it even makes me wish I still had a job, so I could achieve so much about the place!!