Monday, 14 January 2008

The cunning art of the non-fiction novel

Just when I thought the state of journalism in South Africa could not get more depressing, along comes The Institute for the Advancement of Journalism with a truly original idea. They're offering a course in how to write a non-fiction novel. Here's the advert from Friday's M&G:

'You've been toying with the idea of writing that book for so long, but have not known how to go about it... Well, don't despair, this 6-session course will take you step by step through the rituals and techniques of writing a non-fiction novel.'

'No experience is necessary,' they add. 'All you need is the desire to write one and the belief in yourself that you can.'

And these are the people who are training journalists.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it is a novel idea.
(Lecture 1: Exploring irony and paradox)

meggie said...

?? I suppose there must be similar courses about over here too!