Sunday, 25 November 2007

Jamie Oliver disses Angelina Jolie's baby name

Oh, this made my Sunday, it really did.

Celebrity cook Jamie Oliver, in a slip of the tongue during a TV interview with Her Gorgeousness Angelina Jolie, called Jolie's daughter 'Piloh Shitt' instead of 'Shiloh Pitt'. Talk about a Freudian slit!

Read the full story at my favourite that disgusting celebrity gossip site

How could - I mean, REALLY, how could? - St Angelina of Ethiopia call her baby such a name in the first place? Didn't she learn about spoonerisms in her high-school English class?

She's not the worst inventer of embarrassing names I've heard of, though. My son had a child in his school called Michael Hunt, and everyone, including his own parents, called him Mike. Can you imagine his mortification at roll-call? (And were his parents ever tempted to name his brother 'York'?)

The Net is awash with silly names, most of which I'm sure are apocryphal, but I can tell you for a fact that my mother-in-law had a friend called Rika Garlic. There's also an Eric Chen at a school I'm associated with.

My favourite, though, is a lovely girl I met at varsity, whose name was Mona Lotz.

Hell, that would have been a good name for me.

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meggie said...

My mother went to school with a girl called Rosa Motion. She was a very large girl.

Snorted violently when I read Piloh Shitt! Perfect.

angel said...

people really do choose some funny names... the poor kids!