Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Christmas: it's coming

I saw the first Christmas advert on television yesterday – a special offer run by a local supermarket chain on fruit mix for a quick’n’easy do-it-yourself Christmas cake – and I thought, Nooooooo!

Why, when life already zips past us with the speed of a newly licensed 18-year-old behind the wheel of his father’s BMW, do retailers feel it necessary to make it go by any faster? It’s only the beginning of October, for goodness’ sake. There are still 84 shopping days left till Christmas – practically a quarter of the year!

But there it is: the sluice gates have been opened. The trickle will soon become a flood.

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meggie said...

The most hated part for me?
Those endless bloody Xmas carols & daft xmas songs. GGGRRRR.

Audrey said...

"For these few days, the hills are bright with cherry blossom. Longer, and we should not prize them so."

- Yamabe no Akahito

Three whole months of torture. Instead of, say, twelve days of festivity. Bah, humbug. Filthy Lucre. And there's no escape.

Muriel said...

Indeed, Meggie. Christmas carols are banned in our house until December, and the radio gets switched off if one comes on before then. And if a Boney M song comes on, it gets smashed to bits with a hammer.

angel said...

oh crap! i saw the same ad and i didn't even register they were advertising christmas!

bec said...

Scrooges! I love the Christmas Carols and also unapologetically inflict them on my staff via Bing Crosby and Dean Martin CDs from December 1.