Monday, 27 August 2007

When overnight arrangements go awry

My friends C and A made plans this last weekend to visit the city on Saturday night to go to someone’s 40th birthday party. As it turned out, though, on Saturday afternoon they -- and I -- found ourselves at a late, boozy lunch in the little village in which we all live, and, realising that driving 100km was out of the question, C and A phoned and cancelled their big-city arrangement.

At about 5pm C and A left the lunch party to go home to their house around the corner. And were back at 5.15.


‘It was the most surreal thing,’ said C, helping herself to another glass of chenin. ‘When we pulled up to our house, all the lights were on. We could hear the TV and the happy chattering of voices.’

Turned out that they’d forgotten that they’d asked their char to stay over in their house for the night, to look after their two dogs. And the char had brought her grandchildren with her, and the whole family was snuggled down in front of the TV, eating dinner off their laps.

‘We were too embarrassed to admit that we’d forgotten, and anyway, they all looked so comfortable, we didn’t have the heart to send them home again. So,’ C said, turning to our host, ‘we wondered if we could stay here tonight?’

Which is why two adult human beings who own their own house ended up camping out overnight on a blow-up mattress on the floor of a neighbour’s living room.

This falls into the same category as:
* Cleaning up the house before the char arrives.

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meggie said...

How I loved this story! I am still laughing. It is just the sort of thing I would do!

angel said...

oh thats bucking frilliant! what better reason could there be to stay out and party the night away with friends!