Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Water baby video: oh, this made me laugh and laugh

When I saw the first few frames of this video of a baby put to sleep in a kitchen sink (under a running tap, mind you) my immediate reaction was outrage. A few seconds later I was chortling* along with the other 100 million people who have seen this delightful clip (scroll down to watch it).

It reminded me of the days when I used to bath my own babies in the basin on the grounds that it was just so much easier to plonk them in a basin of water than run backwards and forwards filling up a baby bath (which I was too shnoep to buy in the first place). And, yes, I did remember to wrap a wet flannel around the hot tap, test the water with my elbow, prop up the babes with a cunning under-back elbow grip, and all those Rules and Regulations which seemed so important when I was younger and toiling at the rockface of raising small babies. Now my challenges on the child ablution front include a) persuading my teens that 40 minutes under a hot running shower will definitely do the trick if they're worried about personal hygiene and b) convincing my 8-year-old daughter that brushing her teeth twice a week definitely falls short of of her dentist's expectations.

This reminds me of a story told to me by my uncle. He claims that he was once in a change room at a public swimming pool, and heard the father in the cubicle next door bark out to his three young sons, who were getting dressed after their swim: "Right, boys! Underpants on! Brown spots on the inside, please!

* PS, while I'm digressing: do you know that the word 'chortle' was invented by Lewis Carroll, and was used by him for the first time in Through the Looking Glass? 'Chortled' appeared for the first time in Jabberwocky. Other words invented by Carroll and used for the first time in Jabberwocky include 'burble' and 'galumphing' .

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meggie said...

Made me chuckle too! A sort of wanting to return to the womb of water.
I didnt know that about chortle. We take a lot of words for granted without being aware of their origins.

Muriel said...

Just goes to show: we humans know what we want!
Children are savvy long before they're verbal (as shown here to fabulous effect). At a time when my son was about 18 months old, I plugged the wrong plug (dishwasher, not washing machine) into the wall, so obviously when I flicked the switch, the washing machine didn't switch on. While I hassled about what might be wrong with the appliance, my baby boy stood in the middle of the kitchen, making agitated noises (he didn't speak at all until he was about 3 yrs old). Finally, I took a moment to pay attenion to him. He pointed very specifically at the plug I'd switched on and shook his head; then he pointed as specifically at the plug lying on the floor and nodded.
He'd got it. I hadn't.
I think that as we grow up we quickly lose the ability to know what we want and understand what we need. Which is maybe why, in our dotage, we go back to it.
(Or maybe, by then, we've just earned it.)

angel said...

i laughed myself silly at that video! thanx for the giggle... i needed it...