Friday, 3 August 2007

Am I too old for Facebook?

Intrigued by the Facebook hoo-ha, I decided to join. This was easy enough, but my social self-esteem is lying in tatters under the desk because I can find only 3 (three) people I actually know personally, and who are about the same age as me, ie 45 (forty-five). I've invited them to be my friends, and so far 1 (one) has accepted.

There are two possibilities here: 1) I have no friends or acquaintances, or 2) I have friends and acquaintances but they are too old/busy/preoccupied/ludditish for Facebook.

I do, of course, have the option of asking my kids' friends, and my friends' kids (and, my giddy aunt, they are there in their hundreds) to be my friend, but this seems dodgy, if not downright pathetic.

Another trauma: choosing a photograph. A recent one of me looking like a jowly, weatherbeaten slag, or a 15-year-old one of me looking like, well, a radiant thirty-year-old? A pack of Varicose Vein Support Hose goes to the first correct answer.

PS My chum Angie has some interesting observations of her own.

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angel said...

heh heh... i bailed on the facebook thing (twice)

and i won't be going back ever again! its a bit like the whole online dating thing was for me (bailed on that twice too)!

Juno said...

Well, that makes me feel a whole lot better. And, er, just as a matter of interest, what is your Facebook name?


tonypark said...

Shameless self-promoter that I am, I had no qualms about signing up for facebook at the request of a 22-year-old female work colleague.

I have since found that facebook is populated almost entirely by 22-year-old girls and, surprisingly, they read quite a bit, even if they do speak a different language.

I have been added to a few different people and got in touch with more 22-year-old girls than I've ever known (including, perhaps especially, when I was 22).

Not much good for an old married man, but not bad, either, for an old fella.

I'm listed as Tony Park and I promise, Juno, if you give it another go you can be my friend (and have access to all my 22-year-olds in the process)

Juno said...

Gee, thanks Tony! I'm going to do that right away!

Juno said...

Tony, do you know how many Tony Parks there are on Facebook?

angel said...

mwaaaaaaahahahahaaaa... so how many friends do you have now & did you find the right tony?

Juno said...

I now have 9 (NINE,nege, neuf) friends, but I couldn't find Tony.I can see how Facebook can gobble up your time - I had a couple of messages, plus assorted requests, virtual presents, etc, and my Facebook browse took a good 25-minute chunk out of my morning. I wonder how much time it takes you to do the admin if you have, say, 50 friends?

Anonymous said...

It takes about an hour a day for me - I have 72 friends. I may have to leave in the interests of productivity!

Muriel said...

V weird experience for me tonight -- logged on to facebook using Juno's link and found a friend ready made! V scary for me to think my name was already on a list out there. Won't be doing that again. Yeugh.