Sunday, 1 July 2007

And as for 'poephol'...

My teenage children were thrilled when the word ‘crap’ was accepted into common usage. They couldn’t, of course, understand why ‘shit’ didn’t make the list too, but they were still happy with having at least one swear-word they could use and not get blatted for.

Now, apparently, ‘fokkol’ is also okay. ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu used it in the Mpumlanga legislature and the Speaker ruled, when it was queried for its value as ‘parliamentary language’, as ‘not offensive’.

I have, like my mother before me, always used the phrase ‘Fanny Adams’ to substitute for the English version of ‘fokkol’ (which I feel free to write here, since it is now apparently accepted parliamentary language). It has kept general conversation in our house fairly clean, even when tempers run high.

My children are now using the English equivalent freely, and directing me to Our Leaders when I object.

I have explained away, to my impressionable offspring, corruption, graft and plain rampant stupidity on the part of our government. But bad language?

Does Mr Mthembu have children? And does he say stuff like this at home?

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tonypark said...

Excellent! A new Afrikaans word for my books.

"He knew fokkol about sex..." (that was meant to be an example of me using it in a sentence, Muriel, not a reflection on my literary erotica abilities).

I love it when you talk like this in your posts.

angel said...

yet another contribution by our elected leaders to screw up our kidlets...