Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Why must I be subjected to filthy spam?

I'm freshly enraged by the nasty pictures that arrive in my in-box every morning. Here's the latest example (I've blurred out the offending bits). I've had five copies of this email in the last two days. No amount of filtering or blocking seems to help. Hell, I can deal with it; I'm a grown-up, but my kids use my PC too.

I was looking forward to an extended rant here, but actually I feel too depressed about spam to say anything. To use a threadbare cliché, we humans can put a man on the moon, but we can't stop sewer rats from trailing their stinking paws across our in-boxes? We can invent the wheel, decode human DNA and develop life-saving vaccines, but we can't put some seedy little dirtbag who annoys and offends hundreds of thousands of email users, every day, behind bars?

Don't even start me on Net paedophile rings: I'm so sickened by this that I can't find words to express my revulsion.

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