Monday, 11 June 2007

Virgin Mary appears in Benoni

Talk Radio 702's John Robbie reported this morning that Catholics are flocking to the Benoni, Johannesburg, home of a 17-year-old girl to whom the Virgin Mary has appeared - not once, but a couple of times. Link

According to some of the awestruck callers, a 'sweet smell of roses' wafts through the house every time the Virgin makes an appearance. Like our girl Charlize Theron, who also hails from Benoni, the lady is apparently 'absolutely beautiful' .

News reports also mentioned that the Pope is thinking of sending a Cardinal to Benoni to check out the claims.

No photos of the Virgin are available, but I can leave you with some astonishing pictures of other appearances made by Our Lady: on a piece of toast, and on the underside of a turtle.

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angel said...

heh heh... i am a christian- but i dunno bout this. what got me "pondering" the situation especially, was another dj- who said that if we give this benoni girl credence... then we have to give another woman credence who claims to talk to a tokoloshe in her toilet!

Muriel said...

I'm not a Christian but hey -- Jeuss turned water into wine. Strnage things happen. Some of them are really groovy.

Guy McLaren said...

I think the pics I saw of Dogbutt Jesus have more credence than that. seriously what are these people sniffing?