Thursday, 21 June 2007

Soviet Jeans told to withdraw violent billboard

One Ms le Roux, of Pretoria, has succeeded in getting a billboard for Soviet Jeans removed because of its violent imagery. The advertisement features a crash-test dummy holding a baseball bat, standing over another dummy that is lying on the floor. The words "Soviet. HARD LIKE MOTHER RUSSIA” appear at the top of the billboard.

According to the Advertising Complaints Authority's website, '...the complainant submitted that the advertisement is unacceptable as it glorifies violence and makes it seem acceptable and attractive for the youth who wear Soviet clothing.'

They agreed. They've instructed Soviet to withdraw the ad, saying 'The Directorate is of the opinion that the advertisement contains images that might reasonably be thought to encourage or condone violence and therefore also irresponsible behaviour.'

Way to go, Ms Le Roux. I hope the vicious little squirt of a copywriter who thought that one up gets the message that there's nothing clever about glorifying violence. My friend's three-year-old son witnessed his father being shot in the chest in an armed robbery last Sunday afternoon, in a suburban garden. This kid, and all the other kids who witness shocking acts of savagery every day, don't need to see images of violence on their way to school too.

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Izz said...

Nice point made in your last line. I wonder where this copywriter lives. I don't think he lives in South Africa for we know the last thing needed in South Africa is the glorification of violence. The ad still stand though opposite Menlyn Mall and Menlyn Retai Park. Saw it two day ago.

Juno said...

Thanks for the comment Izz. I understand that Soviet is a South African brand, so presumably this is a South African advertising agency.

I live in Joeys, and haven't seen the billboard, so I'd be very interested to know how quickly it comes down. Please keep me posted!

angel said...

woohoo! wtg miss le roux!! i love south africans who stand up for what they believe in instead of just saying "i wish someone would do something..."
we CAN change things if we try!