Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Only in South Africa....

The word 'poephol' is bandied around in Parliament. A horse is arrested. A thief''s arms are amputated after the explosives he'd placed in an automatic teller machine detonated unexpectedly.

A woman goes blind after staring at the sun hoping to see the Virgin Mary. Another woman commits suicide because she waited for more than two years for the Department of Home Affairs to give her an ID book.

All this in the space of two days.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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tonypark said...

I love South African newspapers. There's a book in every story.

Apart from the odd traditional healer robbing graves, more just seems to happen in your country.

Take the air force pilot who ejected from his striken jet trainer a few years ago over the N4. No doubt thinking he was safe he hit the windscreen of a lorry when he landed and caused a head on with a minibus taxi, which resulted in mass casualties.

Or the taxi driver who killed a leopard with a screwdriver when the cat followed a passenger into his bus.

More interesting than the giant pumpkins and county shows I used to cover as a journo.

angel said...


Juno said...

Thanks Tony. In the words of Dean Koontz (I read this in Reader's Digest this morning) "Fiction has to be believable. Reality doesn't".

tonypark said...

No worries, Juno.

And to give you an idea how exciting/ugly/dangerous/edgy life here in Australia is, the top story yesterday was that after two weeks of rain in Sydney our water supply dams are now, at last, half full.

Or is that half empty.

Anyway, big news. Rivetting.