Friday, 29 June 2007

Lekker blogging limericks

The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form already boasts 41 000 of these comic verses, on every subject under the sun. Here are three.

About bloggers (by Chris J Strolin)
While a rose is a rose is a rose,
The word bloggers? They’ll daily compose
Something vital to say
In their web logs each day.
(It just looks like that stuff from your nose.)

(by ‘Dottie’)
The world is unfair, and you care.
How to share this hot air, if you dare?
If a dead horse needs flogging,
It's time to get blogging!
Just click, and the blogosphere’s there.

And about Afrikaans (by ‘speedysnail’)
Afrikaners are people who speak
Afrikaans, full of words like fabriek.
They're also called Boers;
Britain fought them in wars
(Though in Africa, that’s not unique).

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