Sunday, 17 June 2007

Kitchen slaves: Salmagundi recipes get their own blog

I've been told that I should lose the recipes on Salmagundi because they're 'beyond boring'. My urge was to kick the soggy arse of the unappreciative trollop who send me this email, but maybe she has a point. Maybe it's just rude to inject recipes into the blogosphere, when there are so many other interesting things to blog about.

I'm not going to lose the recipes (I've had at least two bits of fan mail about Muriel's Israeli chocolate pudding!) so I'm shunting them over to a new blog, What's for Supper?

If you're trying to get your toddlers to eat good food, take a look. If you're remotely interested in food, cooking, eating, feasting or recipes, take a look. If you spend an hour or two of your day as a willing kitchen slave, take a look. If you have a houseful of hungry teenage mouths to feed, and you slope, resentfully, into the kitchen every evening, after a long day at the corporate coal face, take a look.

And if you're revered and worshipped as Our Lady of the Kitchen, add your recipes when you post a comment.

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