Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Why does MTN keep suspending my service?

I don't want to come over all Hello-Peterish, but to hell with MTN. I've had a contract with MTN for about 53 years now (in fact, our family has two contracts with them) and this is the fifth time in 18 months that my service has been 'suspended', for no reason. Our bills are paid regular as clockwork (the money is siphoned off our household account in a heartbeat), and still, time and again, I hear a chirpy recorded voice telling me, politely, to fuck off and stop trying to make a call on a service that I'm paying through the nose for.

I won't bore you telling you about the time and effort it takes to contact MTN, wait for a human to answer, be referred to another number, wait again, etc, because I'm sure you've been through this yourself.

What I can say is that personally I can't be bothered any more. So, an hour ago, I asked my Significant Other to phone MTN and sort it out. He spent over 45 minutes waiting for them to answer his call, before hanging up in a rage and stomping off to watch the football. The air in my study turned blue. Then, when he returned a few minutes ago at half time, the air turned black, because United are losing. This is not good.

Anyway, back to MTN. I'm racking my brains trying to think of some good threats. I'll... I'll... CHANGE to another service provider! I'll diss you on my blog! I'll phone your call centre and be rude to the underpaid minions who work there under terrible conditions! I'll tell all my friends you suck! I'll lie on my back and wail pitifully!

I'll... Hold. My. Breath.

And what good will it do?

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1 comment:

chitty said...

You've dissed them on your blog, so you've done one of the things you mentioned already. :)
Why not change to another provider? These days you can take your number with you.