Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Who's an African? Not Nefertiti, apparently

IOL reports today that there's a 'raging debate' brewing over whether the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti is actually more of a Berliner than she is an Egyptian. According to the report, Egypt is seeking the temporary return of some of its most precious artefacts - including the bust and the Rosetta Stone. Not an unreasonable demand, considering these treasures were plundered from Egyptian soil in the first place.

But now a Berlin newspaper is arguing that
the bust 'has become an icon of Berlin, a veritable cultural landmark associated with the city'. Furthermore, says the Berliner Zeitung, 'The bust has been above ground and visible in Berlin for much longer than it ever was in Egypt.'


Speaking of which, I was wondering who Nefertiti's face reminded me of, so I ran it through the face recognition machine at My Heritage and it came up with a couple of close matches. The bingo moment - Catherine Deneuve. See for yourself:

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chittty said...

She does look a bit like Deneuve. Well spotted!

Juno said...

Thanks! The other face that was thrown out by the face-recognition machine was Christina Ricci's... but the only similarity I could see was the dark eyeliner!