Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Speeding convoys: KZN's traffic MEC says whistle-blower is a racist

KZN Transport MEC Bheki Cele gets a good spanking in yesterday's editorial in the Natal Witness: 'No, this newspaper will not be bullied!' thunders the editor. He's steaming because Cele wants The Witness to reveal the name of the motorist who filmed his [Cele's] convoy streaking along the highway at 160km/h. The newspaper refused, and Cele accused it of being an IFP mouthpiece.

Now Cele has issued a statement, saying that the motorist who filmed the convoy was breaking the law.

According to a report on, Cele's statement says, 'He [the motorist] is a self-made, arrogant, non-accountable individual who purports to be a good citizen and I will dare to argue that he is also a racist."

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, I am not making this up. More from Cele's blowhole: 'We want his name so that he could explain his breaking of the law which includes speeding, using a cellphone whilst driving and threatening the premier's security.' Being late for a meeting, he continues, constitutes 'an emergency'.

If you're having a pleasant, chilled evening, I beg you not to read iAfrica story. Ignore my advice, and you will find yourself bleeding from the eyeballs.

On second thoughts, read it and weep.

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