Thursday, 3 May 2007

Pssst... don't tell my daughter, but she's getting a puppy for her birthday

I'm expecting this will be one of the best moments of my life: seeing my eight-year-old daughter's face light up next Monday when she opens a big, quivering, pink-wrapped cardboard box to find a live puppy staring up at her with liquid, squeeze-me-till-I-squeak eyes.

Look, I know it's a huge big syrupy cliché to give a child a puppy for a birthday, but that's exactly what is being plotted in our house right now. After much arguing and debating, my Significant Other and older kids have decided that all we need to make our lives perfect is another basset hound.

I'm not a doggy person (really, I'm not). However, I realise I'm farting against thunder here: my kids adore dogs; no, they dote on them, and feel seriously deprived because we only have two.

Accordingly, a basset pup has been sourced, booked and paid for, and is to be collected next Sunday morning. All that' s left is for me to figure out a way of keeping the pup out of sight and out of earshot until the birthday morning (Monday 7th) dawns. We all agree that the pup should be confined to an upstairs room for the night, but we can't agree on how to drown out the howls and moans of the little thing. "Let's play loud Metal all night," suggested one teen son. "No, we do that every night and it doesn't stop Mom from howling and moaning," said the other dirtbag.

Hmmm. Any suggestions are welcome.

I also welcome suggestions for a name for this new pooch: if it's left up to my daughter, the poor little bitch will end up being called after one of the girls her class, ie, Caitlin, Kaitlyyn, Caithlyyn, Kate-Lynn, Keitlin, Ceithlllyynn. I'm looking for a name with a bit more gravitas...?

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Lost-in-Jozi said...

What about "Dog".
Short & sweet, no confusing about who is being called, or blamed:
"the damn dog did it!"
Just a thought

Pilgrim said...

I'd let her call it Caitlin and segue swiftly to Kitty for short. It works on several levels...

Juno said...

Thanks! The hound has arrived, and her name (well, for tonight at least) is Coco.

I think I can deal with that!