Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Muriel's dishwasher: the love of her life

Oh dishwasher mine!
I think you’re divine:
You give me crockery shiny and clear;
My glasses you clean;
My cutlery gleams;
And it’s never, ‘Oh, not tonight, dear.’

You’re sleek and goodlooking,
And no matter what’s cooking,
You handle the mess and the gunk.
You do your thing quietly
Both daily and nightly
And you never get into a funk.

No job is too tough
But you’re never rough
On the things I hold dear to my heart.
I load you with crap
And you never snap back.
And best of all, you never fart.

You’re quiet and you’re strong
And when you go wrong
The fault is with me, not with you.
I know I’m demanding
But there’s no reprimanding
When I lose it (which I often do).

You cover all bases
And get into hard places,
And for you nothing’s ever a bother.
If you were a man
With long legs and a tan
I’d dearly wish you were my lover.

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