Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Me drink 'Pimpjuice'? Not on your nelly, Nelly

No, that's not what you get when you squeeze a zit. Today's Star reports that ANC stalwart Matthews Phosa has teamed up with US rapper Nelly to launch a new energy drink. It's called Pimpjuice. Yes, really. (Link - covershot only)

Lest any of us women be offended by the name, Phosa tells the Star that the word 'pimp' actually stands for 'positive, intellectually motivated persons'. And Clark Wolfsberger, CEO of Nelly's company Fillmore Street Brewery, says that Nelly wanted to turn a 'negative connotation into something positive'.

No, Mr Phosa, 'pimp' does not stand for a positive intellectually motivated person. It refers to a man who controls and manages prostitutes and takes a cut of their earnings, and I find it deeply offensive.

Read what columnist Rachel Bell has to say about the word (and the energy drink):

'Being a pimp is the epitome of cooldom. If you want to be somebody in this white world, to be the main man and have serious street cred, you’ve got to be a pimp. Or at least call yourself a pimp. This is the message from MTV. It’s the message from hip-hop culture. It’s a message that’s been around for a while, but I’m pissed now because the media are letting it seep into our casual vocabulary without question....

...'Many prostitutes are willing, paid participants but this does not make colluding in the degradation of women right. The male tendency to shift all responsibility onto the women involved speaks volumes about these men’s attitudes to women. Nelly needs one-dimensional sex objects around him to make his dick and his ego gigantic enough to feel safe; and show off his great “pimpiness” to the gangsta rappers he looks up to. One can only conclude that three-dimensional human beings in female form will make him feel threatened.' More

Couldn't have said it better myself. Pass me a Fanta Grape.

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Lost-in-Jozi said...

I agree with you. The influence that American Hip Hop culture has on kids today is undesirable. It ia largely prison gang based, not a sub-culture I want my kids to aspire to or admire.
The stuff looks revolting!

Juno said...

Well said. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story. It's a word with such awful connotations.