Friday, 25 May 2007

M&G on Christopher Hope vs Liz McGregor

Today's Mail and Guardian is carrying a story by Kwanele Sosibo and Darryl Accone about the brewing literary spat revealed here on Salmagundi a few days ago. The story publishes an email response by Hope that, in a nutshell, denies using McGregor's book as a source.

"I think her claims that her book provided the base of the Aids pages in my book are her authorial exaggeration," he says. More

Having read through the various extracts a couple of times, I tend to agree with him. There are remarkable similarities, but frankly I think McGregor is clutching at straws. Christopher Hope could have gathered this information - for example, the bit about the Dutch nurse - from any newspaper. (For examples, click here and here.)

What strikes me is McGregor's reluctance to comment: "McGregor declined to comment to the M&G, preferring that her publishers handle the matter."

Now this seems like cowardice to me. If you're going to accuse someone of lifting your research, the very least you can do is have the balls to put your own voice to the challenge.

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