Friday, 18 May 2007

How do I fix the freaking time-stamp format on my Blog?

Can anyone help me with this headache? I've set the time-stamp format to a 24-hour clock, and I've selected the right time zone (ie, +1, or Central European Summer Time). Yet the time stamps on my posts seem to change every time I post or edit a post. When I post in the morning, the timestamp is 45 minutes ago. I change it to the correct time, and it resets itself next time to a 12-hour clock.


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Walton said...

Try this: when you've finished writing the post, before you publish, you'll see a little link on the bottom left that says 'post options'. Click that, and it will allow you to manually set the time for the post.

It seems to work.

Juno said...

Thanks Walton. I've tried to do that, but sometimes it just ignores my manually typing in the time, and reverts to the 12-hour clock. There is no pattern... sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Baffled.