Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Eye-poppingly good science experiment for kids

My eight-year-old nephew showed me this fantastic little trick when I was in Cape Town last weekend. He got it out of a big book of science experiments.

Half-fill a big, shallow soup bowl with milk. Carefully dribble a few drops of food colouring into the milk (use several different colours, if you have them).

Now squeeze a couple of big drops of dishwashing liquid on top of the patches of coloured milk.

Stand back and prepare to be amazed! Here's a scientific explanation.

Another excellent trick from the same book. You need to figure out where north is, but you have no compass. Pick a leaf (about as big as your thumb, and not too thick) and float it in a big bowl of water. Carefully drop a sewing needle onto the leaf. The leaf will swivel so that the needle points to north.

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