Monday, 7 May 2007

Elle magazine's shocking Pringle ad

Given all the hoo-ha recently about skinny models being a negative influence on young women, you'd think that magazines would show a bit of sensitivity and judgement. Not Elle magazine. In the latest issue of South African Elle, which has Madonna on the cover, you'll find the offensive advert on the right.

Believe it or not, this is an advert for Pringle of Scotland, a brand that I've always associated with wholesome argyle sweaters. As a woman, and a mother of a young daughter, I'm appalled by this image. Not only have Pringle chosen to use Skeletor-on-Heroin as a model, but they've arranged her in a passive, puppet-like pose and dressed her in a baby-doll sack, all of which add up to an image that I find profoundly disturbing on many levels. Even worse? This is a magazine managed, edited and written by women. Probably the same women who complain about the abuse of women and children; who pride themselves as being role models to and an empowering influence on other women. Go figure.

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Eve Dmochowska said...

What I thought funny was how, a couple of pages before or after this ad, there is ANOTHER ad, in colour, (for some perfume I think)with a different model in exactly that same pose. I don't have the mag with me, so cannot be more specific, but it struck me then that editorially, it should not have been allowed.

Btw, I love your blog design. Stunning!

Juno said...

Yes, I noticed that too! In fact, the model in the other colour ad was virtually an exact copy of the Pringle pose. What is this crap? Women as dead puppets? Even more alarming: the cover of the mag has a reed-thin picture of Madonna. The coverline? (Quoting Lady Madge:) "How I deal with my fat days". Fat? Madonna?

Thanks for the compliment Eve.

saintedmummy said...

I tried to work out why this ad troubled me so, and I think it's this: her pose parodies that of a carefree young girl, in the grimmest way -- not so much coltish high spirits as a cadaverous dance macabre. It's one thing for some twisted art director to play out his dark fantasies on the client's dime, quite another for the sort of magazine read by adolescent girls to accept them so uncritically. For shame, Elle.

Juno said...

Oh, well said, sainted mummy. You are a women after my own heart.