Saturday, 26 May 2007

The deadly, deadly dullness of Blogs

Don't get me wrong: I love being a blogger, I'm having fun playing with my own blog, and it's very interesting and entertaining reading the posts of some of you sparky writers. But I'm getting desperately bored with what's going on in the S.A. blogosphere ( as aggregated by Amatomu), and I have to agree with Bullard that that there is some air-guitar going on here. Here are my top twelve most-boring headlines, culled from Amatomu in the last 30 minutes. Read them, and then bang your head on your keyboard. Or, even more interesting, go and watch your kettle boil. Heck, even boiling your head would be more interesting than reading these...

Mobile Web

The Cost of Reinstalling Windows: Part III

Vote now for Webware 100

Buffalo advance: Video

I've added you as a friend on Facebook...

Create Interactive Website Tours In Minutes.

ReMIX is coming to town...

Online Strategy ?

Sold Out eSquared Durban Sold out eSquared Cape Town

links for 2007-05-25

Mig33. 4 Million Users. 15 Million Messages per Day. $10 Million

Celebrating Two Centenaries

Stumble Upon Toolbar


Crabmommy said...

Can you at least try the crabmommy? I tackle things of a haute-literary my latest post.

I also write about the shenanigans of Crabtown, Wyoming, where I live with my expatriate's superiority complex. Stuff goes down here, my people. Big-time crime. Such as when a cowboy stole a fork from my lawn.

Steve Hayes said...

I sometimes go blog surfing with BlogExplosion, just to see what the other 90% are blogging about. As Technorati says, "There are X million blogs out there -- some of them have to be good". But most of them happen to be bad.

At least with Amatomu you can pick and choose.

tonypark said...

Pictures of Land Rovers and monkeys on my blog, but absolutely no sex scenes.


Juno said...

I'm astonished to get three comments to this post (a record for my blog). Thanks all.

crabmommy: I am going directly to your blog. I can't wait to read it.

Steve: you're right. I didn't mean to slag off Amatomu. I think it's just brilliant (I try to limit my visits to 25 a day).

Tony, I haven't read any of your books, but I am going to. Can't wait for the sex scenes.