Saturday, 21 April 2007

Zoo Lake Bowling Club: how I love my 'local'

Just returned from one or two pints of good ale (ok, maybe a few more) at the Zoo Lake Bowling Club, my local and all-time favourite Jozi eating spot. How is it that they still manage to serve the best plate of pub food in the entire province for only R25 per plate? (Their Portuguese steak, egg, chips and peppery sauce is just beyond delicious, especially if you're on a diet (har, har), and don't even start me on the bangers, mash and onion gravy, or the club's legendary sticky toffee pudding).

The thing I like best about the bowling club is that it's so old-fashioned: rickety tables, clunky white plates, guttering candles, and cheap drinks that arrive in five minutes. The food's hot, fresh and eye-wateringly good, and it's arranged FLAT on the plate (no vertical arrangements or tottering salad towers here; no mushroom foams or parmesan farts or flash-frozen toothpaste, or any such wanky flights of fancy masquerading as cooking). I also dig the noisy drinking crowd (nice, at my advanced age, to mingle with a student or two) and the fact that you don't have to put on your Manolos to go there. A tattered pair of trackie-bums and your filthy old Crocs don't even raise an eyebrow.

On the subject of bowling clubs, my Ozzie sister tells me that bowling and bowling clubs (or 'Bolos' as they're called down under), are getting more and more popular. As the traditional membership of bowling clubs begins to age, she tells me, bowling clubs have been forced to throw open their doors to a younger audience. Tonight I was astonished to see a group of students (black students, nogal) enjoying a sedate game of bowls on the floodlit green: not an old white-hatted tannie in sight.

(Actually, there were a few old tannies hoovering up G&T's at a neighbouring table, and that's what makes the ZLBC such a venerable Jozi institution: everyone's welcome)

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mapantsula said...

tart remarks? Ag, thanks a lot doll.

Geniet die rugby, anyways.