Saturday, 21 April 2007

How thin do you have to be to qualify as 'Large'?

Lekker story in Friday's M&G by Nicole Johnston about how SA clothing designers haven't cottoned on to the fact that girls have tits and bums. Johnston sent a swat-team of gals into The Zone to try on clothes, and confirmed what any girl of substance already knows: sizing is a joke and clothes are made to fit pencils. The only exceptions that spring to mind are Woolies and Hip-Hop (now those girls know all about lumps, bumps and busts).

(Link: Can't find online version of story).

So here's my guide to deciphering what clothing designers actually mean when they sew a size label into a garment:

Size 18: Huh?
Size 16: Get the fuck out of my shop, elephant.
Size 14: Clinically obese
Size 13: Fat
Size 12: Extra-large
Size 11: Large
Size 10: Medium
Size 8: Foetus

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Ms Porcelain said...

Ja!! You should see the mosquitoes they get to 'fit' the clothes before they hit the stores! That will make you laugh.

Juno said...

Mosquitoes! Heh, heh! I like that. Except that a mozzie's bum is WAY TOO large to fit into a size 12.