Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Gotta start somewhere

So I set up this blog because I was testing Blogger for a story I was writing about blogging in South Africa.

I ended up not writing it, because the magazine changed editors and my column was canned. I don't have hard feelings about this because it was a ball-ache writing it, and it didn't pay much. But isn't it alarming how the very first thing a new editor does on a magazine is to wade in with a chainsaw? You'd expect they'd lurk for a few months getting a feel for the mag before changing the layout, the masthead, the slogan, the staff, the job titles and the size and prominence of their own photographs on the 'Letter from the Ed' pages. (In my experience, the bigger and glossier the editor's picture, the crappier the contents of the magazine.) Reminds me of an incident a few years back when a newly appointed editor of Fairlady suggested painting all the walls in the offices a violent red. The idea, suggested the pissed-off staff, was that you wouldn't be able to see the blood on the walls.

Anyway, now that I've made Salmagundi, I'm going to try this blogging thing and see what happens. I hope to write about a big passion, eating (and cooking), and also about the things that interest me. In no particular order, these include: books, reading, friends, gossip, politics, gardening, parenting, crossword puzzles, archaeology and pre-history, teen culture, literature for kids (I hope to write adolescent fiction one day), art and design, words and word-play, atheism (I'm a full-blown heathen; leave now if you don't think Richard Dawkins rocks), innovation, idea-mongering, walking, complaining, swearing, and drinking a great deal too much wine. I am crazy about the Net and pop culture and spend many hours online (on the grounds that I'm doing research for articles I'm going to write, although that excuse is now dead in the water).

Here's everything about me you need to know: I'm a forty-something freelance writer and editor. I work from a home office in Jozi, I'm married with three kids, two of them teens, and in between trying to earn a living, running the house in perfect Martha-Stewart fashion (hell, no) and schlepping the kids all over town, I make desultory attempts at being an entrepreneur (I have two small business; I also design the odd website). Emotionally, I veer between being deliriously excited and positive about life as I dream up the grandest ideas; and being a gloomy, cynical old bag with many axes to grind (as you will see). I'm left-handed, prone to road-rage, almost always on a diet (and need to be); and I'm a chronic insomniac. Enough said.

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