Wednesday, 25 April 2007

'Citizen journalism is fascism waiting to happen'

Columnist Ephraim Schwartz of InfoWorld reckons we should all beware of 'mob media'.

'Citizen journalism is a form of fascism waiting to happen.

Now I know fascism requires the centralization of power, and that would appear to be the opposite of citizen journalism. But think of dark historic times such as the Salem witch trials or Hitler's rise to power.

They both started with the rantings of individuals, but somehow those individuals became "thought leaders," and around them coalesced a central organization made up of like-minded individuals'. Link

Hmm... interesting argument, but I reckon we're all in more immediate danger of dying of boredom: read this rant by Dr Marcus, of 1000brownMnMs, who complains about the 'total shit' posted on SA's funniest blog.

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